Why I failed again & again?

Why I failed again & again?

After few initial failures, there came a time when I began believing “Mere Se Nahi Ho Paayega”. And this resulted in deterioration of confidence. Further it led to the development of self-doubt.


Why I failed again & again?

Self-doubt persisted for long. I never believed that “I could” so each time I tried to concentrate on the task inclined to my goal “ho paayega kya mere se?” used to pop up.
It was the thought of “end-result” that troubled me. And finally it resulted in failures. Why wouldn’t have had I failed? When everyone would have be “doing what was expected from them in order to succeed” I was speculating whether “I will succeed or not” due to the self-doubt.

>You only need HOPE.
In order to devote yourself completely to your dreams you only need hope. Hope that one or the other day you are going to realize your dreams. Your dreams are within your reach.
If you can develop a belief that “You Can” then you can surely achieve your dreams.

>With Hope
-You can accelerate your preparation (Observe people who believe that they “can do it”- they are ferocious)
-You will be able to enjoy the journey. End results won’t bother you.
-Life will be fun.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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