What is your story?

What is your story?

You would have come across many inspiring real-life stories since childhood. What’s your story? Have you made any significant breakthroughs to your life?
“Your story” could entail accomplishment of anything ranging from your personal goals (health, relationships, wealth) to your family aspirations.


What is your story?

-A wonderful family.
Initially you didn’t choose your family. You become a part of the family. You didn’t decide where you will be born. But later on you will choose your life partner and would create a family together with love, care and trust. Creating a wonderful, lively and happy family together through relentless efforts could be “your story”.
It is more important to have a great social institution (family) than a mere great corporate life.

-A wonderful company.
Establishing a company from scratch is a long-process. It not only requires daily-commitments but also cooperation from “the group of people at its core”. Your company could be your story.

-Leaving an Impact.
Your story could be “leaving an impact on the millions of people around the globe”. It shall be a long-process hence you will have to devote your time and resources to it for long-term.

-Keep in mind.
“Your story” must be inspiring to you. It must allow you to escalate above all your fears, weaknesses and short-comings.
Above all “your story” must be lively. Make sure you enjoy and live each day to the fullest because by ascertaining that you create the best version of “your story”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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