Poverty is a vicious cycle.

Poverty is a vicious cycle.

Life is exceptionally hard at the bottom strata of the society. Lack of resources & victimization often breaks people apart pushing them into “uncharted territories of life”. Middle and higher class eulogies the “path less travelled”.
What if the “path less travelled” is prostitution for you. Prostitution is the beginning. The repercussions aredevastating. You might end up having STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease), undesirablepregnancies and a distressing social life.
Poverty is a trap. People often to earn livelihood land themselves on the cruel trajectories of life. Prostitution is one such reality. Itis not a choice. How can we call it a choice? It is the last option.
To root out poverty is a herculean task. None can achieve the cause alone. Let’s unite and come together to bring hope and light in the lives of souls got stuck in poverty.


Poverty is a trap.

http://www.dingi.in is one such ray of hope. Do make your contributions to http://www.dingi.in which aims to bridge the gap between donors and the people looking with hopetowards us. Itis going to be an arduous and tiring journey still someone had to take the first step.
We at http://www.stayfoolish.in congratulatethe whole team of http://www.dingi.in for their endeavor. Hope you all rock!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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