Not making “this” will allow you to follow your dreams.

Not making “this” will allow you to follow your dreams.

Most people in the world will follow the conventional path. Most people don’t take decisions. They only do “what majority of the people” does.


Stop making...

>Stop making comparisons.
We all were born at different times (even people born at the same time were born at different places and to different families).
So, stop making comparisons. The talents you possess are unique. We all have innate inclination to certain things since birth (that we may realize later on).
Focusing on developing your edge (talent/strength) will make you invincible.

>Focus on your “resources”
Instead of looking at what others have been bestowed with constantly have a look to what God has given to you.
Ask yourself “what are my resources?”
Your resources are: your family, friends, knowledge, skills, inherited property, health & so on.
So, focus on “enhancing your resources”. This focus will trigger the all-round development of your resources.

>Be grateful to God.
Let’s be grateful to God for all he has endowed us with. May be he forgot to bless you with all the wealth in the world but upon looking diligently you will find that “you are bestowed with something that will allow you to earn as much money as you wish”.
Same is true for every sphere of your life.

Everything is happening as per the divine will. So, sit back and relax.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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