How to prepare yourself for life after your graduation?

How to prepare yourself for life after your graduation?

Graduation is considered to be the golden period of one’s life. Not only one gets an opportunity to learn “new things’ but it also facilitates cross-state and cross-cultural interactions.


Life after graduation.

>Honeymoon period is over.
Probably you received the money for your expenditure @ college from your family. After graduation they may not be able to support you financially and may be expecting you to take up a job. As per the family’s aspirations and financial conditions you have to take your decisions. It’s the time for you to stand on your feet.

>Don’t expect the world to be friendly with you.
The ground realities are bitter. The sooner you engulf this truth the better it is. Don’t expect the people to be friendly, encouraging and happy-to-help type. Be prepared to go on your own when you find yourself in condition of no support.
(No matter if at your college batch-mates were supportive or not. You will find the world to be more unpleasant, uncaring and unforgiving.)

>The next 2 years
Your life completely depends upon what you do within the next two years after you have graduated. The likelihood of continuing with the first job you take up is exceptionally high. Look around yourself you’ll find that most people would be doing the first-job they got (only they would have got promoted with time).
So, it shall be true to great extent for you too. Situations become complex with time. So, try to achieve “something worthy” in these 2 years’ time-period.

If you are struggling to fetch a job after graduation then you need to work exceptionally hard to bring your life on track. No matter what your present conditions might be- you can reach at better place and seize best opportunities if you are ready to work-hard.
There are no ready-made formulae for success. You have to find your own. And its quest will involve hell lot of work. So, don’t shy away from hard-work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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