Why you should donate?

Why you should donate?

Donation is an act of gratitude. The feeling you get when you give back something to the society that has given you so much is irreplaceable. You can either continue your ceaseless urge to accumulate wealth or you can make a conscious choice to touch the lives of millions of people around by sharing your richness with them.


There are countless who wake up just to HAVE A LIFE.

-All are not fortunate & privileged as you are.

You might be born in a well off family. Will you make a decision to uplift those people who are destined to sustain on meager resources?
You might be doing very well financially owing to your own efforts & hard-work. The problem today is that we are constantly comparing ourselves with people lying higher than us on the paycheck scale.
Will you stop to assist those who don’t make comparisons because simply they don’t have any possession?

-Your contribution matters.

No matter how small you contribute- it makes sense. As we were grown to believe in “little drops of water makes the mighty ocean” applies not only to success & relationships but in changing the world. By continually engaging in donating it soon becomes a habit. An incredible habit! Donating helps us in resurrecting the dying humanity. The person at the receiving end will believe in humanity and will in turn return back to the society in near future. So, in the long run it will help in constructing a society where humanity is the priority rather than self-centered gains.

As the folks behind http://www.dingi.in (an online donation platform) believes in fulfilling the basic needs of countless people around the globe who are constantly struggling to have life.

http://www.dingi.in is like a small boat in this big selfish world of ocean which thrives to lighten up the spark of humanity by serving them.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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