Be a rebellion.

Be a rebellion.

Question the existing system. Give birth to a new ideology. People leave this Earth but their ideologies remain for long.
It may not be possible always to “deliver exceptional results” with obsolete thinking.


Be a rebellion

If you keep doing what you do, you’ll get what you are getting. So, if you expect new or amazing results from yourself then don’t shy away from experimenting.
The world is constantly pushing you to be an average. We don’t have a system that appreciates failures and encourages taking risks.
So, have faith on yourself. You will do more than you expect from yourself.

>Work like maniac
No amount of great ideas can make you successful if you fail to implement them. So, be maniac when it comes to implementing “what you learn on daily-basis”.

>Don’t procrastinate
If you are travelling the path less travelled & “if you procrastinate” then you are inviting trouble and misfortune.
It is dangerous to be inactive on the road full of uncertainties and going through it without hard-work, passion & grit is impossible. If you wish a smooth life then be ordinary. Do what others are doing.
>Don’t complain
Assume everything will go wrong. Nothing will turn out to be in your favor. Because the road you have chosen is full of obstacles and challenges. So, don’t complain. It will never be a smooth and an easy journey.

Instead appreciate the fun and adventure along the way. The journey will make you stronger. That’s the only gift or virtue of the journey as results may not come out in your favor.
So, chill and relax. On uncharted territories of life “don’t assume anything” and “don’t frown if things go out of your control” because THEY WILL.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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