Why you must understand the “Law of Cause & Effect”?

Why you must understand the “Law of Cause & Effect”?

Everything has a cause and effect. So, if you speak or do anything it will have some effect. It depends upon “what you speak or what you do” that will determine the effect.


Understand & Apply the " Law of Cause & Effect ".

-If you sow the seeds then there will be some effect (either they will sprout of not)
-If you work-hard day in and day out then there will be some effect (either you will fail or make a success)
-If you speak something then it will have some effect (either it will touch somebody’s heart or will shred it)

So, stop and think. What are you going to do right now? It will shape the next moment.
Become very careful of words you speak. More than that “be very careful about your actions” because the actions you take in this moment will shape your future.

In life, get into habit of controlling the “small things”. They are in our direct control. Like being conscious about your next word or action will help you to shape your next moment. In turn, it will pave way for next moment. If you can guide your each moment then success becomes much easier.

Start your journey where you are conscious about what you are speaking and doing (AS IT WILL DECIDE WHERE YOU WILL LAND SUBSEQUENTLY).
If you can remain conscious of each moment and direct yourself to the track then success will embrace you soon (no matter what challenges and how bad circumstances you might be currently facing).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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