Outsource Weaknesses

Outsource Weaknesses.

You cannot be exceptionally bright at everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. What one needs to do in order to excel in the world of self-employment and business is “OUTSOUCRING WEAKNESSES”.


>Outsource (Pay for what you are not good at)
If you take up a task that you are weak at then your performance and that of your company’s will be severely affected.
The role of the leader is to figure out the “strengths and weaknesses” of employees and assign tasks as per their strengths.

Continually hone your skills that you are already a master of. It will help you to do your work with exceptional accuracy and your work would-be-a-masterpiece.
Receive help/outsource what you are not good at from others. This is a basic fundamental principle to succeed at a speed of light.
Make money through your skills and outsource your weaknesses in order to earn more money.

>Exchange Skills
Sometimes introduction of mediators in our life helps improving some of our relationships in our life. Same could be applied to business as well.
What you have to do is to “find out good people with skills you don’t have” and in exchange you can offer your skills at which they might not be good at.
It is time consuming but will save your money which is crucial in initial days of start-up.

Collaboration is the new approach to run the business these days. To exist, re-innovate and succeed in this highly-competitive business environment you cannot manage everything by your own. So, collaborating with others is an approach that can put you far more than you expect in the world of business.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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