What you must do after your first job?

What you must do after your first job?

If you are satisfied and contented with your first job then you must re-connect with your kith and kin.
You might have lost touch with them owing to your busy timetable to pursue your dreams and career. They are the most important peoples of your life (never to be neglected).


Apno Ko Apna Bna Lo.

>Kith & Kin
They might only know “your name” if you would have moved to a new city. Still, the kind of attention and affection you receive is phenomenal. Blood is thicker than water. Only the factor “connected through blood” will allow you to give and receive help in times of crisis. These relations are based on “trust & understanding” of “Apna Hi Hai” so will work to great degree. They do not demand get-togethers or frequent meetings and visits. Just need you to stand by in times of crisis.

>Father/Mother’s Friends
As per research if a friend remains with you for more than 7 years then the probability of him/her being in a friendship with you for a lifetime is really high.
So, the friends you hear about from your Father/Mother have already passed the “test of 7 years”. Hence, they’ll remain cherished for life-long.
What you need to do is to re-connect with youngsters of your father’s/mother’s friends. This will allow you to carry on the legacy of friendship bond that your mother or father had laid the foundation of. You can connect via fb or meet them personally when in their city.

>Friend of Friends
You would have had made few really great friends in graduation. Room-mates must remain your top priority. When you have time do make efforts to get in touch with friends of friends (as they too would have passed the sublime “test of 7 years”).

The above three steps will allow you to connect with great people from various cities and will bring in new wave of ideas to your life. There is no greater bliss in life to connect with people “with dreams and to know their version of story”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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