Review your life.

Review your life.

The great irony of life is that we judge others point out short-coming in them & criticize them, yet we don’t find time to do a self-evaluation.
We have time to review apps on Google Play & books on Goodreads but we don’t monitor our life or its progress.


Review Your Life

>Review your life
Find out how well are you doing in life. Do a self-analysis. You can take some feedbacks from friends or well-wishers as they can tell your short-comings and weaknesses. They can tell you on which area or aspect of life you need to improve in.
Remember the thumb rule: WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS IMPROVED.

How well are your relationships? Do you get help instantly or you don’t have any support system of friends? How eager are your friends to help you out? Are you running short of good friends? Do you experience a sense of gratitude for relationships in your life?

How well are you doing in terms of money? Are you struggling? Or doing well? Do you wish to make more money? Or is that okay for you to earn what you are earning presently?
Do you wish to scale it up?

>Creative Representation
We all are creative but often we are over-worked in jobs and other issues of life that we lose the touch with our creative side. Pursue at least one creative activity. It will help you to connect with your true self.

After evaluation, focus on areas that need immediate actions. Chalk out a strategy to improve your potential pitfalls. Repeat the above process. It will help you to excel in all aspects of your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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