Getting “likes” on fb is no currency.

Getting “likes” on fb is no currency.

Most people are obsessed with fb likes on their photos & posts. It is no currency. Only your impact in real life matters. If you don’t believe in what I’m saying try getting feedbacks from people in your friend lists. Write something and try to get their opinion on it. Or try other bunch of activities that involves them. Leaving few cases- the most responses will be from people who are your real friends and the loved ones.
So, what’s the need for such a fake currency?
Most famous people have fan-following. So, they get maximum likes on their posts and photos. They have an IMPACT in real life that gets reflected on fb.


Real- currency in life

>Real currency
Real currency is YOUR PAY-CHECK (your balance-sheet in case of businessmen), FRIENDS & FAMILY-MEMBERS. You will find them in times of crisis.

If you have helped a lot of people in real life then you will have no dearth of people who will assist you in bad phases of life.

>Friends VS Prospect Customers
Never treat your friends as prospect customers. It can only damage your friendship. Sell your products to people who wish to buy it. Few friends will buy your products or services owing to relationships for the first time. But will they buy again and again? No. So, understand that friends are not your prospect customers.
>Likes may not convert into pitching sales
People may like your posts & pictures. But it will not register in sales as for that the ultimate decider is the quality of product and your services.

The only rule that works on getting likes on fb besides your impact is the “more you like others posts and photo’s the same would be reflected in your posts and photo’s as people reciprocate”.
By the end of the day “the above exchange” hasn’t added any real value to anybody. So, don’t get crazy about likes on fb. Real currency is in YOUR IMPACT.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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