Create a list of dead people in your life.

Create a list of dead people in your life.

In order to simplify your life you must create a list of people who are dead in your life. Don’t waste a penny or an iota of time on them. Keep humanity and dealing with crooked as a separate issue.
You don’t need to be human to crooks. Stay away from them.


Create a list of dead people in your life

>Whom you must put in the list

-Parasites: who only play the role of takers and never act as givers. Put a cross in your mind. You don’t need to entertain them. Flush them out of your life. They are no more than shit in your life.

-Without a good heart: there is another category of people who weigh everything on just one parameter that is MONEY. Stay away from them as they would have calculated your cost too.

-Chatting Boxes: people who just have the “habit of talking about humanity”.
Don’t give a damn to what they say.

-Negative people: you cannot keep yourself positive among the company of negatives. Keep yourself away from people who are negative. They are just the confidence-suckers.

-Betray: people who have betrayed you need not to be the part of your life. They don’t deserve you.

>Keep updating
You will meet only few good friends in the journey of life. So, keep updating the list. Don’t have any mercy!

>Do your work
Focus to “people left”. They are the gems and worth spending time with. They have passed the test of time & have been impeccable to you. Value them.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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