How to overcome emptiness?

How to overcome emptiness?

At times, we become single-centric to one person in our life. When we love any person deeply or get attached emotionally to a single person for long then it is obvious that emptiness will persist for few months. In some cases barrenness may extend to even a year or more- it depends from person to person.


How to overcome emptiness?

First let us understand why we feel empty?
One may experience emptiness in life after a break-up. Most shy people who open up only to few people whom they trust find it a daunting task to move on in life. It’s hard. Extremely hard!
One may recall conversations, promises & commitments & shall try to evade from the realities. The heart may ache for the person you love. It would be hard to find something “interesting” in such situations.

Death of a person can devastate you. What hurts most is the death of siblings. Each one of us is naturally attached to siblings. So, their loss is difficult to overcome. Demise of parents is also painful.

Sometimes, failures break us apart. They can also make us feel empty if one is attached to the end product instead of enjoying the journey.

>Overcoming Emptiness
-Forgive people in your life. If two people were in a relationship & were mature to break-up in a peaceful manner than it is good. Else there exists a feeling of “got betrayed” & “just got used up”. We tend to play the role of victim. Stop complaining. Even if you got cheated- at least you trusted someone. Idiots are those who break the trust.

-Treat it like seasons.
We all go through bad phases in life. Have faith that good days will arrive soon in your life. Keep looking for new things. Meet new people. Try to interact and strike conversations with people you have never talked about. What you will discover would be gem. We all are alike. I have never found any strong person on Earth. Most people are just weak to share their pains. Else we all carry some regrets and pains in life ( Warna Sab Khush Hote Bahut Jeevan Main!). Most people equate unhappiness to lack of money. What happens when they make lots of money? They still find themselves unhappy. Do you know the reason? They had never worked hard to create lively relationships. The quality of life depends to great extent on type of relationships you keep in life. Be very selective in relationships.

-It’s okay.
It’s okay to feel bad at the loss of a good friendship/relationship. Take your time. Cry if you wish. Do anything that allows you to release pain, worry, anxiety, fear and agony.

>Do not attach
Do not attach yourself with anything that isn’t in your control.
Body- it will rot one day
Fame/Reputation- (stoics believed that reputation too is not in our control. Even we were thought similar thing since childhood days- Hani, Laabh, Yaash, Appyash, Jeevan, Maran, all these are not in our control.
People- Be cheerful and ease the journey of everyone you meet but don’t get attached. We all are companions along the lanes of life. We are here for a limited period of time.

>Be virtuous
Be virtuous even if it is painful (stoics believed that). Remember, “an emerald shines even if it’s worth is not spoken of”- Aurelius.

>Discover life
Keep doing new things and allow fresh experiences in your life. Don’t restrict yourself and conform to the results of the past experiences.

>Read Seneca Quotes
Search “Seneca Quotes” on Google. Read and think about them. It will change your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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