How to know if you are chasing your dreams?

How to know if you are chasing your dreams?

Dreams are primary. What most people do wrong is putting their dreams on waiting list. Inability to postpone initial pleasure results into failures.
You are traveling on the path of your dreams if you can put everything else on the waiting list.
Dreams need to be pursued each day.


Chasing your dreams

You can watch movies later on when you have accomplished your dreams. Even for leisure activities you need to choose something that is inclined to your dreams.

You can chat and hang-out with friends and loved ones once you have accomplished something in life. You should meet friends when you feel low. They are the best antidote to stress and anxiety.

-Sacrifice is MUST
Either you can choose instant gratification or following your dreams. You have to strike a balance between “how much to enjoy” & “how much to work”. For instant success:
10*How much you work > How much you enjoy

You become a true aspirant when you start taking right actions instead of desiring about it. Barring few cases realizing dreams is direct outcome of hard-work. So, put your soul & heart into your work.

Restlessness indicates that you are pursuing your dreams. Be restless and don’t stop until you hit your daily-goals.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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