Why you must love your family unconditionally?

Why you must love your family unconditionally?

Your family must be your top-priority. If you are married then it becomes a necessity.


Why are you happy at home?

-If you stay at home
Then after school/college you will be back at home. It’s bliss. You will realize it when you leave your home & settle in a new city for a job. You will not be meeting your siblings frequently. You will feel homesick almost after every month.

-You are original
The best thing about being with family and at home is that you don’t have to be formal. You can be original & natural.
You can eat without table mannerisms. You can dress in whatever way you wish too.
You can wake up at any time of the day. There are no restrictions. You are loved even if you are the weirdest in the love.

I hate formalities. And it is true with most people in the world. Still, people have created a protocol for everything. How you have to shake hand, how to dress for a party, how to impress others, how to impress a girl, & the list continues.
But I remind you that that’s not how one grows in life. If you wish to be successful in life superficiality will never take you there.
What allow you to create long-term relationships are genuineness & sheer hard-work & dedication. All people feel comfortable with those who stay natural & don’t act formally.

The first & foremost condition for why you must love your family unconditionally lies in the answer of question: Why are you very cheerful & happy at home?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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