What failures really mean?

What failures really mean?

We all are equally divine. No matter if you just failed in an examination or made it a success. Failures just represent that “you were not prepared & couldn’t perform at your highest possible level”.
There could be bunch of valid reasons for failures that we must consider while judging ourselves in context of failures. It doesn’t count what people around you say when you fail. Do your own analysis why did you fail.


Failures are just stepping stones

-It could be no-interest in what you tried. Simply you might be just acting against yourself. It’s even harder to make it to success when you extremely loathe doing what is required from you.

-You might not be well (physically or mentally). So, if that is the reason for your failures then you can start afresh and make a new attempt.

-Being naïve
Most of the first start-ups fail because the people behind it don’t have the requisite skills to make their venture successful in first attempt. So, at times the reason for failures is lack of skills. Identify what all skills & tools you require in order to succeed. Learn those skills. We learn a lot from our experiences. People who try again & launch a new venture have high probability of getting success in business world.

>You have gained something
Each failure pushes you closer to success. So, if you want to be highly-successful in life increase the rate of your failure.
Failures just show that you’re trying something. Now, I fail almost each day & it is way of my life.
Sometimes, I fail to meet the deadlines & other times laziness embraces me.
But one thing is I’m sure about is that “I’m enjoying the journey”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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