Why you must be simply “not interested”.

Why you must be simply “not interested”.

Never take interest in someone’s personal life. It is of no significance to you. Take charge of your own life. Be very dedicated to your duties & responsibilities.


Not interested.

They may be eating at a restaurant (you may not have heard of if you are from middle class), they may be seem to be very “open” & may express themselves confidently, they may be going through break-ups or there might be news about “what clothes they shall wear in the upcoming movie”, & the list may continue.
Many choose to express their views on them, their behaviour & about their personal lives.
Stop it! Damn stop it. It is of no concern to you what everyone else does.

>Celebrities are different from role model
Not all celebrities are ethical. Not all movie stars worth being fan of. Don’t be an idiot to believe “what’s played on the screen” may not have any resemblance to the reality.
Acting, being good at your art is one thing & being a good human is another. Both are different from one another.
Even crooked & wicked people succeed in life that doesn’t mean that they are worth replicating & learning from.

Read only biographies of great people. They could act as your role model. Role models change with time. Actually it is the ideas that we like & that resonates with our inner-self.

Be simply not interested in “what that doesn’t add any real value” to your life. Reading junk will make your mind defunct.
Why are you so much interested into a project/movie that is going to be launched soon?
Have you worked upon your projects in life? If not then please finish off with them before you watch your next movie.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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