Why most engineers are struggling?

Why most engineers are struggling?

Once the most coveted profession now is witnessing a trend of massive unemployment & is unable to pace up with the industrial leanings & its demands.


Why most engineers are struggling?

>Out-dated syllabus
Curriculum of engineering has not been able to pace up with the industrial needs. With the development of high-end technologies what institutions need to do is to focus more on hands-on training than on theoretical concepts. Technocrats need to be equipped with elective subjects that are new & will see a surge in future in the industry. New avenues have been developed & there is critically a need of man-power in those avenues.

>No trends of self-learning
Self-learning is one of the best available option. But most technocrats are unwilling to self-learn. Though self-learning is must for life not just your career. Teachers & faculties in technical institutions need to encourage the spirit of self-learning.

Most engineers come from a humble background. So, relocation after job is one of the major problems for engineers. Relocation to a new city takes away a major portion of their salaries. Renting & lodging charges increase when they get married. Education is also very expensive in these cities. But the irony is that you’ll send your child to the best possible school even though it may be very daunting task to afford such lavish education. The commercialization of education is one of the worst evils of the society.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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