How to get better at giving commands?

How to get better at giving commands?

One skill that every entrepreneur must learn is “giving orders/directions”. You’ll have to guide & direct the people working with you & also your subordinates.
If the guidelines & instructions are written then they need to be drafted in a manner that they are lucid & easy to follow. It must not be ambiguous & open to multiple interpretations.


How to get better at giving commands?

>Work under/with someone
The best way to learn this skill is by working with someone who has worked in a corporate sector for a long-time. All top managers of companies have mastered the art of “giving directions to subordinates”.
As said, “first receive & take commands”, soon you’ll learn how to give commands.
-I work with Mr. Anil Kumar Srivastava, Ex. DGM, ITI, Rae Bareli, U.P. & currently he is working as a Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer. What I learned from him was how to “give directions, receive feedbacks, negotiate, & influence people”.

-I review books at my blog, so, I get a chance to interact with writers & authors. So, with time I have learned how to interact with others professionally through e-mails, social networking sites & through phone.

-Guide aspiring bloggers
I have guided many aspiring bloggers & I still do so. So, I practice the art of “giving commands” each day. You can do so by learning something & teaching it to others.
>Establish yourself as a freelancer
It will surely improve your written communication skills. You’ll get a chance to interact with your clients & in a way it would be an opportunity for you to hone your skills.
Or if you can hire a freelancer, it shall be much better. Give directions & with time you’ll get better.

Some life hacks about “giving commands”:
-They must be clear & concise
-They must state a deadline

When I have to request for a blog post, I use “Hi, I’m a blogger at would be glad to publish a guest blog post by you on your experiences @……… on my blog under your name.
Just write an article about your experiences @….. about 400-500 words. I shall edit it & post it on my blog.
Be sure to keep it positive & yes, you can include the name of your friends & mentors.”

And once the invitation is accepted I ask for a deadline. Observe it carefully. It has all the directions & is easy to follow.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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