How to customise your blog?

》Linking your blog with other accounts

You can link your blog with fb, twitter, linked, your fb business page, etc. & as you update your blog each time- it automatically gets uploaded on other platforms too.

1. Click on “My sites”
2. Find “Sharing” tab in Configure. Click on it
3. Now, on right hand side, from the given options choose which accounts you wish to connect with your blog to share your posts automatically on them


Sharing your blog posts on other platforms


1. Click on “My sites”.
2. Click on “WP Admin” at the bottom
3. Click on “Appearance”
4. Click on “customise”


Click on "Appearance"


Click on "Customise"

5. Select what you wish to change/add


Select options from left hand side

6. Adding title/tagline/logo to your blog


Adding Title/Tagline/Logo

7. Adding Header Image


Adding Header Image

8. Adding widgets (most important)

Click on “widgets” (in customise menu)

Select the “widget” you wish to add from the list.


Widget list


Widget list_2


Widget list_3

Also, select the area where you wish the widget on your blog to appear.
They are as shown below (main side bar, 1st footer area, 2nd footer area, & so on.)


Side main bar area


Main side bar area


Footer area

When you’ll add widget,  you’ll be required to fill up some details. Just fill them & it will appear on your blog.

Customising one’s blog is easy. One just has to keep changing things in “WP Admin > Customise” & have to see what changes occur on your “blog”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


2 thoughts on “How to customise your blog?

  1. parulsavipa says:

    Thanks a million … 🙂

    For Brilliant Share ..
    This definitely would help …
    1st timers like me ….

    This must be universe’s conspiracy Amit !!


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