How to become an author?

How to become an author?

In this era many youngsters are aspiring to become authors. At this fledgling age if you wish to be an author then here are few hacks that you need to adopt in life:


Be a passionate aspiring author

-Practice your craft
Write each day. Set a target of 500 or more words per day. Try to describe new situations, express yourself beautifully & work on being more creative. It will surely take time. So, be patient. If you have decided to be an author regard yourself as one & write as much as you can. This shall improve your writing skills to great extent.

-Keep writing
Write something in leisure time. Do not quit writing. Your skills may not be at par with most writers but with practice you’ll have get extremely at creative writing. Regard it just as a beginning. “Ye Toh Abhi Shuruwat Hai….”

-The early you start the better
If you have a flare for writing then you must start your journey early. Writing is an art & it will take time to blossom. It will take around 3-4 years to get extremely well with words & expressing them in a touching way.

-Learn new vocabs
Get into habit of learning new words. Learn them & inculcate them into your writings.

This is the final & must step. Read a lot. Become a voracious reader. Explore other authors & see how they narrate, plot the story, use figures of speech, and so on.

Not only in writing, whichever industry you wish to go in- Be passionate.
So, if you are an aspiring author-be a passionate aspiring author. You’ll become a widely acclaimed author in no time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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