Why people don’t have great relationships?

Relationships are based on mutual trust, respect & understanding. Relationships die a slow death if the elements of mistrust & misunderstanding crepts in.


Why people don't have great relationships?

>For a friend you have to be a friend
What most people forget is that for a friend you have to be a friend. Money can only buy acquaintances. So, be genuine, understanding, caring, loving & forgiving. Your relationships will last for long.

>They use People
Most people get into relationships to get their work done. Sooner or later the other person shall understand the philosophy & the relationship will die a slow death. Or in another way it breaks when the purpose behind the relationships are met.

>They don’t use money
Money works as a reward in this materialistic world. So, it is always better to use money & not the people. Most people hesitate to spend money on their friends. If you genuinely believe in a relationship then money should never be a barrier. It can be earned again but relationships once lost are difficult to get back.

>Ego problem
Most people fight over little things and break long cherished relationships. For long-term relationships you have to be in control & never let the ego come in between the relationship. Learn to eat your ego, anger & other emotions that have the potential to ruin your relationships. If you value the relationship then you must never hesitate to say sorry.

>Be careful about words
Be very careful about words you speak. They must always be soft & true from the heart. If you are not in a good mood then be cautious that you don’t use any word that might heart the other person.
Your bad days have the potential to devastate long friendships.

Remember, if you keep working hard for a relationship as you did in the beginning- it will last for long. Researches show that if a relationship lasts for 6 years than the probability of lasting it for lifetime is very high.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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