Be very selective.

Be very selective.

Be very selective in life. If you wish to live a happy, prosperous & quality life then you have to be very choosy.


Be very selective.

You have to be very specific in defining your goals. What you want out of your life? Write this answer for yourself. It will help you to reach where you wish to be in life. Your goals must always be inclined towards your dreams.

Quality of your life shall be directly proportional to the people in your life. If they are positive, optimistic & supportive your life will be smooth & adventurous despite the challenges & troubles.
So, be very careful in allowing people into your life. Not all deserve your friendship.

>Eating habits
Slowly & gradually change your eating habits. Take limited meals & include fresh fruits in your diet. Be choosy at what you eat.

Do not read everything.
-Never read Bollywood news (break-ups & tie-ups of celebrities doesn’t improve the quality of your life!!!)
-Never watch a movie that is full of adultery (you’ll never gain anything positive out of it!!)

It is just a media to express yourself in your economic, spiritual, and other aspects of your life. Discard any education that doesn’t help you to improve at least one of the aspects of your life.

Never make an investment on things that don’t alter your life. Never buy anything that fails to add value to your life. Be very strict in this regard. Else you’ll get swayed by consumerism.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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