What is meant by “break some rules”?

What is meant by “break some rules”?

If you will listen to what most entrepreneurs’ advice it is “break some rules”.
Most people don’t understand what really breaking some rules means.


Break some rules

>Minimum compliance
Just fulfill the minimum requirements on things not in your priority list to be on safer side & work-hard on your top most priority.
If you are in 2nd/3rd or 4th year of your engineering then in every college there is some minimum percentage of attendance that is must to be maintained to not to be debarred from semester examinations.
You need to just fulfill them. The days you don’t go to college utilize them on

-working for your product
(If possible work-hard in leisure time to develop a product that is saleable. It can earn you fortunes. If you fail at least you would have learned some bunch of skills & new things.)

-working on your skills
(Single most thing that will allow you to stand away from the crowd. So, work on developing your skills.)

-working for your dreams
(No matter if it is civil services, engineering services or setting up your own business start your journey as early as possible. It will give your enough exposure on how to prepare and the toughness or the level of hard-work required.)
-above all on enjoyment
(Enjoy a lot. These days shall never be back. So, be sure that you enjoy the journey and not just the end products. Many times end products are scary and not what we wished!!!)

You don’t need to be a good scorer in semester examinations to have a decent living standard in future ahead. What will matter is your skills and attitude. So, work-hard on them & fulfill minimum requirements of everything else (just to be on safer side.)

So, what you did in above strategy is that you broke the rule of 100% attendance by sacrificing some of your marks which would be reflected in some other aspects of your life. Same is the strategy used by most entrepreneurs.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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