How to escape modern slavery?

How to escape modern slavery?

When the phase of industrialization started it was believed that people will have more time for recreation, entertainment & leisure activities.
Mechanization & automation of industrial processes have led industries to become skill-intensive from labor intensive. Most work extremely hard day in & day out in companies on meager pay scale.


Don't be a modern slave

No matter in what circumstances you might be in. Start to hone your skills and learn something each day. Working hard for few bucks is example of modern slavery. So, get out of it. Go to extremes to develop yourself and not the company you work for.
Self-learn & develop yourself else you’ll be slave of modern industrial system.

>Don’t hoard money
No matter how much you may earn & accumulate money. There are going to be people who would be doing better than you. Do not run the mad race of competing with everyone.
Another negative aspect of trying to earn & accumulate money is that you’ll have to work-hard to the extremes. Is money that important? No.
You have to keep only what you really need. What worth is accumulating more money when you don’t have time to spend those hard-earned bucks?
Don’t give undue importance to money else you’ll be slave of money.

>Don’t seek perfection
Your quest for being perfect can make you restless. You are already divine. You just have to give your best each day. Else you’ll slave of being perfectionist.

Buy only what you need else you’ll end up living a life where you’ll spend your hard-earned money on products & services you didn’t required. They are all just liabilities.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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