How to write a novel swiftly?

How to write a novel swiftly?

The concept of writing a novel is really simple & easy to implement. I’m sharing today what I applied in my on-going WIP of my novel “She is not sister”.


How to write a novel swiftly?

>Starting & the End
Just decide the starting & the end of the story plot. Now, you have two points, the starting and the end. Just connect them. Introduce as many characters as you need along the way.
The difficulty lies in choosing the starting point and the end point.
Starting point of your novel must depict events or situations that are catchy and intriguing leaving the readers spellbound.
It must cast a spellbound as first few pages of your novel will decide if the readers will buy it or not.

>Starting & the End is your string
Starting point & the End point just act like a string, a rope to climb to your last page of your novel. It doesn’t need to be the end page of your novel. After you reach at the last page of your novel you can shuffle or re-shuffle the pages written.

>Initial Draft
Consider your WIP as an initial draft that is you can add or remove events from the novel.
You can add/remove characters from your novel. You can do anything you want in your novel. Just keep revisiting the draft and improve it each time you reread it.

>Keep thinking about it
What more modifications can be made into it? How can it be made more intriguing, reasonable and worth-reading?
Just allow new idea’s to hit you. Implement them if they suit it keep them intact else drop it and think of a new idea.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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