Blog as a repository.

Blog as a repository.

Few might have looked blog as a repository. Blog is a very potent platform. Besides that you can use it as a warehouse for recording your ideas.


Blog as a repository

You can use your blog as an online journal whereby you can upload you daily to-do list. You can add your wish-list. This shall allow your readers to know what actually you’re trying to do. As you make your goals public than there is more pressure on you to complete the tasks on said date. This technique works and the by-product is that your work gets recognized.

Suppose you had prepared for some competitive examinations in the past. Even if you re-read the prescribed books (if you could apply them in your job, or just for fun) and explain 1 concept on your blog or post 1 question on your blog each day then by the end of your life you would have made more than 12K blogs. What at best can you leave for the generations to come?
When you start doing something it may not make much sense but in the end everything will get connected. So, have faith and be relentless with your work you believe in.

Your blog could act as a storeroom of your creative works. If you love painting, do upload it on your blog. If you love writing, find time to update it on your blog too.

>How you did that
In the end you can act as a guide to budding bloggers who wish to use blogging as a repository.
You can create webinars for same. You can also opt for creating YouTube videos.

>If you become Super-successful
Then your blog will attract huge traffic and it would be your best gift to the society.

Everything you wish to share or people wish to know can be bridged through blogging. So, start your journey today as a blogger.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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