How to write a novel?

How to write a novel?

Writing a novel is not a sprint- it’s a marathon. So, have patience and keep calm.

>Summon yourself each day
Summon yourself each day to write “something”. Else you will lose track of your progress. It may be hard to write each day. Sometimes, you will feel exhausted and other times you may not-feel-like-writing. Still, open up your laptop and start writing. It’s a long-journey. So, even if you miss some days- feel good. It’s the only secret to keep writing. When did you performed exceptionally well last time? I tell you when you felt good.


Treat your novel as your child.

If you are novice to writing novel doubt shall surely grip you many times. You may begin to ask “Who will read it?”, “Can I really write a good one?”, “What if I fail?”, and doubt may persist for longer time than anticipated.
Also, it requires great amount of dedication & devotion to finally complete your novel. So, treat it as your own child. After all it’s your creation. Wouldn’t have you raised and provided the best possible things for your child? Pain & trouble vanishes when we start treating our novel as child. We start loving WIP (Work In Progress). Don’t we show love and offer something to our children each day?
If you still face difficulties then involve couple of friends who believe in you. Who can utter “Tujhse Nahi Hoga Toh Phir Kisse Hoga?”

>Yes, you can.
No matter what your past is. No matter if you have never written even 200 words ever. If writing novel is close to your heart then just go for it. Start scribbling. You will improve your craft along the way.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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