Why you shouldn’t take up entrepreneurship?

Why you shouldn’t take up entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is cool. The idea of having no boss is really fascinating. As an entrepreneur you don’t need to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Your working hours are fixed by you. As you look at the greener side let me introduce you to the darker side of entrepreneurship.
If you wish to avoid extreme hard-work then don’t take up entrepreneurship.


Don't take up entrepreneurship if

>It’s tough
If you are first-generation entrepreneur then it may take around 2-3 years of day in & day out hard-work to establish your company.
When I say day in & day out it means you need to work throughout the day. Most entrepreneurs wake up with a to-do list each day. They wake-up & start working for completing the tasks.
If you are thinking to be an entrepreneur just because it is easy please stop. Think for a while about your decision. Once your firm/company is established then you can take little rests & all your job is to manage people who work for you. In the beginning all the requirements are to be met by you. So, it’s really a hard-work in the starting phase.

>First ventures fail
Most entrepreneurs fail in first attempt because it requires lots of skills like dealing with people, knowledge about industry, managing your finances, updating your knowledge, receiving feedbacks, building connections, etc. So, if you are going to start your first venture “DON’T MIND FEW FAILURES” just focus on learning.

> You have to show up “ALL THE TIME”
Initially you can’t say NO. As you are in the growing phase you need to perform the very best in order to build your company’s reputation. At times, you’ll need to show up at night and at any other odd time. You may be sleep-deprived but you have to perform your very best.

The best part of entrepreneurship is that YOU’LL SURELY ENJOY THE JOURNEY. If you love being an entrepreneur go for it. It’s fun!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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