What is the back-up plan for engineers?

What is the back-up plan for engineers?

I find most engineers looking for a back-up plan. Having a back-up plan gives us security and allows us to take adequate risks in life. But what if you already have a back-up plan?


Engineers don't need a back-up plan

>Engineers don’t need a back-up plan
If you are an engineer then you don’t need a back-up plan. I have found in life that people who have PLAN B most often settle for that in life instead of PLAN A.

>Take as much risks as you can
I encourage you to take as much risks as you can because what worst can happen to you as an engineer? If you’re passing out in 2016 then the worst possible scenario after 2 years is that you won’t have any job and would be broke by that time. Still you could fetch any job in any firm at 10K p.m. Not a bad deal! Your batch mates would be earning in between 35K-50K at max. (Though comparisons should never be made)
You can always scale up your salary from 10K to 1L p.m. through your hard-work within 2-3 years. Not a big deal!

>You are in better conditions
Finally you gave your best shot for your dreams. Most people don’t go for their dreams out of fear of uncertainty. At least you know now that “you are destined for something else”.

>Go for your dreams
It is a must condition for you to be super-successful in life that “your dreams gets broken”. Sometimes what society expects from us becomes “our dreams”. Through some failures we actually come to a point to really know “what we want in our life”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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