What is the secret to peak-performances?

What is the secret to peak-performances?

If you wish to play at the highest possible level then the key is “FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF”.
As suggested in “The One Minute Manager”, People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results”.
That could act as a thumb rule for you in order to perform at peak-level.


Feel Good About Yourself

>Be Happy
Recall when you performed well last time?
If it were qualifying in an examination then it would have been the result of you soaking yourself deep into the preparations and enjoying it. You were probably happy most of the times working for your dream to qualify the exam.
You would have enjoyed the process. You loved walking up early and working till late in order to complete the syllabus on defined date so that you could start with your revision.
So, being happy and making a conscious choice that “THIS IS WHAT YOU WISHED TO DO” & going after it mindlessly is the natural principle to produce extra-ordinary results.

If you are not happy then even little alterations can bother you. Little things may start pinching you. Your health and relationships may begin to deteriorate.
So, always the priority must be to keep yourself HAPPY AND CONTENTED.
The rest of the things could be taken care of.

If you are just starting your journey then first make sure YOU ARE HAPPY and you can maintain that happiness for long-time (i.e. you can keep negative thoughts at brim) you will surely deliver performances at par with legends.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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