What I learned from Richard Branson?

What I learned from Richard Branson?

Richard Branson’s simple approach to business is really commendable. Perceiving business as “just group of people” is the key to establish a great company or an organization.
The problem starts cropping up when you forget that at the core of business are people.


Companies are Just the Group of People

>Mutual Profit
Pay your employees well. There is a shift in approach of companies. Earlier it used to be the customers first. Now it is turning to employees first. If you take care of the needs of your employees then they will take care of your customers, clients, investors and stakeholders.

>Common Good for ALL
You have to create a mechanism whereby it serves all. It shouldn’t be discriminatory and must reward the deserving.

>The need for leaders
The people who can see and bring out the best in people are the need of the hour to manage and run companies that could yield best results. The problem is not of infrastructure or lack of technological solutions but the attitude “why should I work-hard for my company? The profits are captured by top-managements.” There is a need to break this ideology by identifying & recognizing talents of employees within the company and paying them adequately.

>Fair & just system
If you fail to create a fair & just system then its repercussions can easily be seen in the overall performance of the company. Internal politics starts to build up & the sense of “team & group work” diminishes giving rise to uncooperative attitude among the employees. That clearly gets reflected in the performance of the company.

If you are starting a business or organization make it sure to always keep intact in your mind that its success depends upon “the people who work for it”. So, pay them well like your own child.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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