What I learned by reading lots of motivational & self-help books?

What I learned by reading lots of motivational & self-help books?


In the end everything streamlines to your ACTIONS & ATTITUDE

If you read couple of good self-help and motivational books you can find a common denominator on which they emphasize on is “ACTION”.
You can refer actions at “right actions”, actions with right attitude, or simply right approach.

>Be Action-oriented

Even the sole aim of these motivational & self-help book is to trigger you to perform actions. As said, “The real aim of education is not knowledge but action”. So, be action-oriented. How can you beat those “who are applying principles they studied in books”?

You will always get stuck in life. But there always exists an idea that will help you to come out beautifully from messiness and reach to the next level.

>Change your attitude

Stop complaining. We all have our own problems. What happens when we reach in our late 30s. We simply declare “it’s impossible”, “It’s hard”, I can’t do that, I’m not fortunate enough, and so forth. Instead of giving a fresh try we start to say NO based upon our past experiences.
So, say YES to your life. No matter what your age might be-it’s possible for you whatever you dream. Just take the first step in faith. Then another step will appear and it will lead to destinations you never thought of reaching at.
Life wouldn’t have been so adventurous if it wouldn’t have been so uncertain.
It is uncertainty that adds flavor to life. So, enjoy your journey.

>This is the RIGHT TIME.

We often get into the trap of procrastination and miss lots of opportunities. We keep on complaining about unjust system, circumstances and wrong people in our life. Instead of whining and regretting about your past don’t let this moment pass away without YOU DECIDING TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN RIGHT NOW FOR YOU no matter what the current situations might be.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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