How I create memes?

How I create memes?

If you are a blogger or a content writer then you would be required to add humor to your articles at times. This could be facilitated by adding a meme. It not only makes your blog more attracting but is also instrumental in attracting instant attention. It also beautifies your blog and creates a better first impression about your blog.

>Meme Generator App
Just search Meme Generator on Google play. And download any one of the App from there with a good rating. They offer you inbuilt templates you just have to add “lines and quotes to them”.


The principle of creating memes

>The principle I used to make 150 Memes in few days.
If you have ever taken WAT (Word Association Test) then you will be able to grasp the underlying principle very quickly. What one does in those tests? You have to just write what comes to your mind (as time given is just 15-30 seconds). And traits of your personality are analyzed through those statements written by you.
You have to do the same here too. Write whatever funny comes to your mind at first looking at template. We all have probably read & heard many jokes. You will see that they all fit in the pre-defined templates.
I created more than 150 memes in few days using the above principle. You can access to them at

It will surely enhance your creativity. Moreover, you make start enjoying it. It was great fun making memes and at times they made me laugh & giggle. You can vent out all your fears, securities, and emotions through them. And the skills you develop while creating them will be utilized when you create a blog post and try to add humor to it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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