Do everything “in chunks”.

Do everything “in chunks”.


Do Everything in Chunks

>Sharing Information
If you are going to share information about yourself with anyone let it be in chunks. The inherited benefit is that “you will get to know the person closely”. You can judge by the “how much to share” and “what not to share”. Be very careful about what you share with people. Each piece of information you throw at the world may be liable to be misused if gets into wrong hands.

>Sharing Money
If you have to lend some money to someone always do it in chunks no matter how small the sum of money may be. It creates a sense of understanding that you value your hard-earned money. Also, many a time’s money may never be recovered. So, it is good to “lose some amount of money” then to lose it all.

Even if you are providing a service as a friend, mentor or as a human being do it in pieces. Instead of being it “one-time” keep it for multiple times. Meet periodically to discuss/guide/serve. It gives the other person ample of time to absorb and understand everything.

>Talk short
Talk short and talk frequently. Instead of speaking a lot try to be specific and to-the-point in conversations.


They take time to build. The most vital factors are generation of mutual trust and understanding. One is develops then the relationship can withstand amidst the most devastating situations. Invest each day to interact and “let people know that you truly care” for them through small acts of kindness and generosity.


It is life-long. If you try to “learn everything in a day” it’s simply not possible. So, try to engage yourself “each day” to learn and then switch to advanced lessons.

The main benefit of “doing everything in chucks” is that stress never builds up. It is a long process in which the underlying principle is “EACH DAY” put some efforts.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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