What are the by-products of blogging?

What are the by-products of blogging?

People often ask me why I blog relentlessly? What makes me so passionate about blogging?
The only answer I give is “even the by-products of blogging are huge”. What is the worst-case scenario possible if you fail at blogging? It is you fail to monetize it.
Even if you fail to make money through blogging what remains (by-products):

As you start your journey as a blogger, you will get to interact with lots of other bloggers. Even if you switch to other profession, the contacts remain intact. Left aside the amount of learning you have through interactions with people in blogging. Bloggers are ahead of time (no matter if they blog about fashion industry, or review a book, or just pen down their thoughts.)

-Basics of “Personal Branding”
Blogging is about building your own audience. It’s not possible until you carve yourself out as a “brand” at some level. In the process you get to learn basics of SMM, SEO and connection building.

-Your skills
Your writing skills improve directly. What all improve indirectly are your communication skills, contact building skills, thinking out-of-the-box, creative thinking, etc. In today’s era CREATIVITY and COMMUNICATION SKILLS are two tools that can get you anything you want in your life.

You can showcase your creativity at your blog. Be it through writing, drawing, or singing (uploading videos on your blog). It helps all your friends in your fb list to know “what you are doing”.

-A new identity
Bloggers are deemed as messengers of new ideas. They predict new trends in the industry. They are the vanguard of new era. So, if you start blogging you get a new identity. People start looking at you with hope & in new light.

-Seeking information
If I have to seek information “related to any industry”, I search for the official pages of those companies working in that industry and I leave a message “I’m in the middle of writing a blog post on ________. It shall be an immense help if you could tell me about ____________. You can send me the links, info-graphics or any other resources”. Thanks in advance. In most cases, I receive positive response. So, blogging is like an information currency. You get access to
“confidential information’s” at times.

-Online CV
Your creative works are assembled at one place i.e. your blog. So, you can just need to “quote your blog’s URL” & people get to know what you are doing. You no longer have to give huge introductions.

-Solving problems
If friends/people ask me anything, I produce a blog post on it. It not only serves the purpose of “the friends/people who ask” but in future if someone asks the same question then I just send that link of the blog post (it saves time).

So, in totality blog is a platform that allows you to do multiple of things.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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