How to use your anger?

How to use your anger?

If I speak blatantly then I have the hopes from people who get angry. If you get angry once in a while every month or week, then this post is about you. I do not have any hopes from people who have accustomed themselves to live in circumstances thrown at them. I wish to be with people who have the passion and energy to whirlpool the situations.

>It’s a good sign

People who get angry have tremendous energy. The only thing that they lack is proper utilization of their anger. They just need to work to channelize their hidden energy that peeps out occasionally in “creating value”. What can one expect from those people who don’t even show the signs of “potential energy” they already possess? So, you are way ahead in the game of life.

>Each time you get angry

-Remind yourself that you have huge potential.
-Remind yourself that you can change your present circumstances (probably from where your anger stems)
-Remind yourself that “you are going to redirect this huge upsurge of energy” to create something valuable.
-Remind yourself that “this energy” will help you in realizing your dreams.

So, the thumb rule is to “get angry” & direct it where it is needed the most i.e. in improving the overall quality of your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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