How I killed all my enemies?

Most people really don’t understand “who their enemies are”. As a result of which they fail to eliminate enemies from their lives. They fail again & again. They have to go through the ordeals of life which could have been avoided.

》Identify your enemies

The biggest enemy you have to deal with is “YOURSELF”. You have become the pawn of your bad habits. You are no longer connected to your inner-self. Probably,  you have ignored the inner soft voice.

Your enemies could be virtual as well. They could be facebook, twitter or any other social networking site.
It could be your Smartphone. Anything that eats away your precious time- regard them as your enemy.
It could be T.V or Internet.

What draws you away from your dreams is your enemy (it could be simply a negative thought). Eliminate them.

》How to eliminate your enemies


The idea of Smart Work is no different than Hard-work. May be it finds genesis due to excessive competition in the world. Smart Work is basically used for people who succeed in beating the competition. Peope will encourage you to work-hard smartly.  Though there is very thin line between hard-work & smart work.

You have to work-hard day in & day out.
So, don’t complain. You are mere a thief if you don’t “work” in your life.

-Install new habits

Get into habit of replacing bad habits with good one’s. It is the same process as we do in “word replacement” to become more effective at communicating with others. It is based on the philosophy of “power of words”. When the choice of our words can inspire someone,  can you imagine the power of habits?
Habits can not only change your life but can also galvanise & charge your surrounding with positive vibes that shall ultimately push everyone to perform at their best level.

》How I killed my enemies

-I no longer watch movies

(I only watch those that are widely acclaimed plus only with friends/family members). I realised sooner that “it were the relationships that made my day & not movies”. You can enjoy almost anything with people you love.
//It could be as simple as working together in kitchen
//It could be as simple as going for a stroll together
//It could be as simple as reading a book together
//It could be as simple as DREAMING TOGETHER

I have intentionally used the word “together”.

-I no longer wait (No Procrastination)

I start my journey. I make my own goals for myself. Because I believe that “we JUST have to start the journey”, you will find the right people, resources, & information along the way. So, whatever you wish to do- PLEASE DO IT NOW

-I’m Happy

Being unhappy is the worst habit you can ever form. Life is short. Do not keep any scope for regrets in life. Take as much risks as you can.

Happiness is the master key. It can destroy all your bad habits. So, be happy & follow your dreams.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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