Why you should make 35 LPA by 2019?

No matter what you are earning presently. No matter the level of education you have. You should aim for 35 LPA by 2019.

》3 Years from NOW

It is not the hefty money that counts. It is the “person you become in the process”.

-35 LPA is a huge sum of money. Who will pay you 35 LPA?

No one will. You will have to become “someone” who can add value of 35 LPA to the company.


Focus on acquiring one skill that will allow you to earn that amount of money early. It could be Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or anything in demand.

》Don’t be vague

People at the top stay away from vagueness. Few modifications each day will allow you to get rid off vagueness. Instead of saying:

-We’ll meet in the evening.
Say We’ll meet at 6 p.m.

-Instead of saying “I will buy a car of 6 L”.
Say- I’ll buy a car of 6L by 2017″.
Or to be more precise “I’ll buy a car of 6L by June 2017”.

Try to be precise in your daily conversations. It will add real value to your life.

》Change yourself

Use first 2 years to install habits that can make your become a person who could attract 35 LPA.
Get into habit of reading, learning & shaping right attitude. Network with right people. Learn aggressively from them. Don’t be shy to ask silly questions. You have to “just learn” no matter how.

Utilise next 1 year to learn the requisite skills. Since, you have created your own network there won’t be any difficulty in getting someone pay you 35 LPA.

》Act like you get “35 LPA”

Show the confidence,  passion & dedication that is expected from those who make 35 LPA. Your skill sets must be at par with those in the industry who earn that much amount.
Be willing to learn, re-learn & to press the “RESTART BUTTON”.

》 Restart Button

You’ll need to constantly ride the Restart Button. The journey won’t be going to be smooth. So, you’ll  be needed to start all over again as things may not work out in the first attempt.

So, rise again with same level of passion & dedication.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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