How to find right kind of people for your life?

To discover right kind of people for your life you just need to do one thing “Interact with more people”.
Make it a point to meet a new person each month. By this way you shall be able to meet “12 people” each year.

》Keep or eliminate

So, the next step is to “access them if they are the ones” you were looking for. Here are few techniques which I use in my day-to-day life:

-Do they believe in Humanity

You need to disconnect with people who don’t believe in Humanity. They are the ones who might have never done any good to others. Or simply they might be materialistic in life- making friends for just monetary exchange.

-Do they JUST talk about Humanity

You need to eliminate those people from your life “who just talk about humanity”. You don’t want to waste your life listening to their gospels. So, better stay away from them. They are merely “the worst kind of people on Earth”.

-Friend of friend

If they do not respect people you respect – you need to get out from such relationships. Because such people won’t “connect well with others”.


People who don’t work-hard in life are thieves. Don’t sit & talk with people who are lazy & don’t have dreams. They will affect you indirectly. Laziness will get induced in you too. So, better move on & search for a new person.

-Complaining Vs Gratitude

You need to get rid off friends who are just grumbling all the day. Have those people in life who foster an attitude of gratitude for all what they have. They will fill your life with happiness.

-Do not consider people whom you assist (directly or indirectly) as friends

The reason behind same is that “many people are just interested in give & take”. If you find them off the above time “interact as minimally as possible with them”.

》 Eliminate/Disconnect/Get rid off

Never be shy or feel bad to get disconnected with friends who are negative.  Its always a conscious decision. Simply you cannot afford to live with negative people & vampires who suck your positivity.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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