How I cleared CDS in first attempt?

How I cleared CDS in first attempt?

I had appeared for CDS-II 2015 held on 1st November, 2015. I hadn’t prepared anything special (I had read only GK which is a part of my routine as I’m working on improving myself in this area). I just gave the examination without any preparation.
The CDS paper comprises of 3 papers:
1. English
2. General Knowledge
3. Elementary Mathematics


Admit Card_CDS

Out of 120 questions, I attempted a little more than 100. I didn’t attempt around 10 questions of “spotting errors in the sentence”. As I have very low accuracy in such questions. I also left few questions which I didn’t know “totally”.
Overall the English was easy. It was just the result development of my command over English language with time (I don’t know much grammar but I can guess answers to good point of accuracy). I could finish up the paper before 15-20 minutes.

>General Knowledge
It comprised of 120 questions. I had attempted around 40-45 questions. I could attempt questions from Science & Technology, Geography & History. Current Affairs questions were tough. I couldn’t attempt most of them. Questions from Polity were hard too. Interestingly, I couldn’t finish up the paper in time. In last moments, I had gone to some questions swiftly and marked their answers. I had kept some questions to be reviewed/re-visited when I finish up the paper. But that couldn’t be made possible owing to lack of time.

>Elementary Mathematics
It had 100 questions. I could attempt only around 30 questions. If you are slow at calculations like me then you shall fall short of time (100% so try to be accurate). In around 2 hours I could attempt only 25 questions. In last few minutes I had done some questions very quickly and scaled up the attempted questions to be around 30.

Strategy for CDS:
1. The cut-offs are low. That is you can clear it by scoring around 100 marks.
2. If you are strong in one of the above subjects (English, Mathematics or GK) than half of your work is done. You should work to score around 60-65 marks in the subject you are good at.
3. One has to clear individual cut-offs in above subject. So, in other two subjects score at least around 20.

>2 Months of preparation
Even if you are weak in all the 3 subjects, you can clear it in 2 months. Just work-hard for 5-6 hours each day. Try to improve your accuracy as cut-offs are low. You don’t need to score too high. You have to just clear the cut-offs which is possible in 2 months of hard work. CDS is very easy as compared to other competitive examinations. So, just prepare well and you will nail it.


The Result.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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