Review of “The Ribbon Trap” by Shine Syamaladevi

Review of “The Ribbon Trap” by Shine Syamaladevi”


The Ribbon Trap by Shine Syamaladevi

“The Ribbon Trap” by Shine Syamaladevi is a delightful read. It’s a romantic love story of Krishnaprem & Smita.
The story of romanticism and “struggle & survival” of Smita in the hospital go hand in hand that makes it even more enjoyable. On one side the author introduces us with funny & endearing conversations between Krishnaprem & Smita from the past & on other side it’s the melancholy reality of the present that Krishnaprem suffers from seeing his beloved lying in the hospital.
After Krishnaprem & Smita have a secret marriage in schooldays & they decide to get married officially when they shall attain the legal age. They work-hard tirelessly. Smita clear IAS and Krishnaprem bags a govt. job through SSC.
Will this be the sweet ending?
Smita gets posted as Assistant Collector, Coimbatore.
Now, the trouble begins. She was assigned to oversee the security arrangements for Rajendra Kulkarni (president of BDP party) for the forthcoming elections.
But the Rajendra Kulkarni gets assassinated.

Why was he assassinated?
Was Alex Paul, IPS the conspirator?
And was Ramakanth, IAS too involved in the conspiracy?
Will Smita be able to prove her innocence and dig the reality behind the conspiracy?
Why Surender Kulkarni (PM of India and son of Rajendra Kulkarni) commits suicide?
Will Smita & Krishnaprem get married? Will their childhood dream come true?

I rate it as 4/5. The Ribbon Trap shall surely leave you with adrenaline gushing out of you.

To know more grab the copy of “The Ribbon Trap” by Shine Syamaladevi through the link below:

Best moments@ The Ribbon Trap

-Everyone has positives and negatives….but your negatives should not affect the other person’s life”
-We cannot marry officially now, she said, you need to be twenty one and me eighteen.
I know that. What does she think? Is she the only girl with general awareness here?
-You know swimming and you are confident. There is no ocean that can tire you-The compartment was crammed. Those were the people from the lower part of the society. Poor, illiterate, uncivilized and uncultured, presumably. No one had the courage to check them for ticket.
-He sees too many Hindi movies. She was irritated with his cinematic ways to horrify her. He thinks all women are Basantis who are here to dance, only dance, in front of villain
-Murder is not a crime. How can it be? It is the best way to save someone from the hell called Earth
-I had so many girlfriends in my dreams. The damsels queued for my glance. They decorated their bed thinking about me.

About the Author

Shine Syamaladevi was born in a small village in Kerala. An avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, he believes passionate dreams really come true.

He can be reached through his fb fan page:

Or you may log on to his website:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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