Why private companies/MNCs conduct Interview or GD even if they are hiring for 2 LPA?

Why a private companies/MNCs conduct Interview or GD even if they are hiring for 2 LPA?

2 LPA is a very less sum of money to be paid yearly. Irony is that most engineers in India (leave aside IIT’s, NIT’s & other reputed institutions) are offered in and around this salary. If you calculate then each year not more than 1, 00, 000 lakh engineers graduate from these top institutions {around 10, 000 from IITs, 25, 000 from NITs & rest (75, 000) from other institutions}.
You won’t believe that but I had gone to one of the college of Dr. APJAKTU and a private firm was there for campus recruitment. Imagine what they were offering? 7, 000- 8, 000 pm! And for that they were conducting GD, Interview & eligibility criteria they had laid down was good percentage in engineering & sound knowledge of one of the computer language.

>Why so

-They do so to make you realize that “you have achieved something”. It is the biggest trap. Since you feel you have achieved something you may adhere yourself to look at other opportunities falling in your way. You may not leave that company because you think you have fought for it. You may not wish to face again written test, GD & Interview.
-Attrition rate is high in private companies. Due to low-salary at the entry level most recruits switch to other companies. So, they are always looking for mediocre. They don’t need extra-ordinary people as it shall increase attrition in the company.
-They are looking for pawns and not the leaders. For leaders they shall visit the best campuses & temples of education in India. So, never be misguided by the “words”.
-The atmosphere is hedonist at the entry-level. Just the same we find in B.Tech. Here we are encouraged to throw off money on partying and other idiotic things. Remember, you deserve party only when you fail or have accomplished something that shall last for long (a skill, a good habit, a new friend, etc.). So, there is no focus on saving money. Leave aside saving there is no planning except to do an MBA someday in hope of getting a promotion!
-The HR’s are way ahead of time. They are aware of all the researches on human beings & their psychology. They have huge experience in talent acquisition, retaining and their management.
You cannot grow to think like them unless you “play the role of recruiter”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


3 thoughts on “Why private companies/MNCs conduct Interview or GD even if they are hiring for 2 LPA?

    • Er. Amit Yadav says:

      True!! That’s psychology of the recruiters. If “you are given something without efforts” you won’t value it. If you will look at the work that one needs to do is EASY & can be very well done by most engineers. Really there is no need for such recruitments…2 LPA in a metro is very low (*too much low). They catch people who are seeking security. Else you can make more money via tutions & consider the size of Education industry! !!


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