I wish you to hit the bottom!

I wish you to hit the bottom!

As we say there is no competition at the top. There is no competition at the bottom either. I wish you to hit the bottom. It is the place where you will learn the most. It puts you into situations that shall incite spark in you.
>I have been there

Believe me it’s funny. You shall be into situations you may not have anticipated ever. You have nothing to lose. Initially it would be tough to handle the situations. But if you keep putting your efforts you shall develop an attitude that shall help you in facing the ordeals and coming out from them.
In the beginning you may be pessimistic but the ultimate result is truly optimistic.

>You are bare & naked

This is the best feeling. When you fail you no longer have to “act as somebody else”. You are bare and naked. No show offs. You truly connect with your inner-self. You have gone through lots of failures and have made lots of mistakes. Why won’t you hesitate to make more mistakes in order to succeed? Why won’t you risk failing again? You can always put your efforts to what you actually believe in. You no longer fear anything. If anything could happen then it has to be positive and exciting.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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