How to spot fake fb profiles?

We all recieve lots of friend requests over Facebook. Since there are many fake fb IDs. So, one needs to be clever enough to spot the fake ones.

》Look for the informations


How to identify fake accounts of fb?

Look at the above profile.

Year of Birth : 1996
(How can one be doing post graduation from IIM -A in just 10 years!)

Friend Circle: How can one just have 70 friends when one is pursuing post – graduation?
(Everyone has friends from schools (till 12th), Hometown & graduation buddies. How could that be just 70!!)

》Check DP

If it is of some celebrity don’t accept it. It must have at least one real snapshot of the person. If the dp has many pics of a person (then if it is fake it must be of his/her close asociate). There are less likely chances of account to be fake if it has “lots of information”.
Like infos about School, Graduation, Post – graduation & current job status.

》You may at times recieve friend requests from small companies/website owners. They just try to expand their market base through their online presence. So, they are harmless in most cases. (As the reputation of company is at stake)

》Family Members

If there are many family members added to the profile then it adds authenticity to the profile. Do check if family members seem to be original. If they are then the ID may not be fake.

Now the main question :

How would you identify a fb profile to be fake if it “adds all of the above to look it more original”?

》Just wait & watch

If you recieve any negative response from the other end through messages or any other means then “You need to move on even though the profile may be real”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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