How to get rich in just 24 hours?

How to get rich in just 24 hours?

Generate a feeling of gratitude for what all you have.
And believe me if you have an access to internet then you are born fortunate!

>Become Minimalist
Don’t buy unnecessary things. Keep your life simple. Buying more things means managing multitude of things. So, better buy less. You can save your precious time too. In a way you will have more time to live life to the fullest and to do things which you love to do.

>Live within your means
Invest your money on health, learning and “enjoying”. Do not just throw it away on entertainment.
The worst thing about watching TV or a movie is that “instead of refreshing you” they make you feel tired and in want of “more entertainment”.

>The happier you are the richer!
I have seen many people in my life with lots of money but with no happiness. You must be happy all the time (if you don’t how then learn it) because
-Money seems useless when you are unhappy
-Your relationships deteriorate when you are unhappy
-Your health deteriorates when you are unhappy
& if you don’t take control over the situations- you become a liability to the society.
So, be happy always. Do something that is close to your heart. It shall change your life forever!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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