How rabbits changed my life?

How rabbits changed my life?

Get a pet.
Last year I had brought two rabbits (as an investment). You can also make such an investment (for more visit: I’m amazed by “the degree of positivity” and “BACHPANA” they could bring to my life.
What changed by their entry into my life:

-I giggle and chuckle when I watch them (Laughter and Smiles have grown by leaps and bounds)
-I love playing with them (I adore their presence)
-When I return from college I do bring for them “something to eat” (which a mother always does!)
-They are playful. So, they make the whole environment in the room joyful and positive.
-I have started living in the present (neither in the past nor in future)
-I have learned the life’s greatest lessons from them (rabbits have a short-memory so they forget everything after a while. We too should shed away our worries and unnecessary concerns to enjoy life to the fullest extent).
>Love your body: You can find rabbits cuddling their body many times in a day. It reminds me to love our body (no matter what its shape, size, color, etc.)
>Eat a lot: I’m a foodie. Rabbits eat a lot. I find them eating often. And it’s a very satisfying and pacifying feeling. I think all mothers expect the same when they see their child eating.
>Have fun: Sometimes, just walk briskly, have a stroll, be random. I find my rabbits at times doing random acts when they in joyous mood!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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