Why writing is fun?

Writing is fun especially if you are writing a novel. The best thing about writing a novel is that you serve as a God to characters in your story.
You are at a position to decide the destiny of characters.

》Characters in your story

You can imagine & play with them. In the process of writing you shall discover “new ideas”. You may have Eureka moments…”Iss tarah se kabhi socha nahi tha..”. New thoughts emerge & form the part of your story.

》Writing is a journey within

For many its music that allowd them to connect with their inner-self. For some its dance. What works for me is writing. I like to think, ponder, write & re-write.

》Its irresistible

If you love writing then its irresistible. You can write for whole day long & still enjoy it on the next day.

》Its fuel to your intellect

It helps you in refining your thoughts. You can achieve greatness if you can think, ponder & reflect.


Recall your childhood days. You probably loved to draw. The reason behind the arts is that its creative. Without exception all children are creative. So, in earlier stages of life (nursery & kindergarten) we were encouraged to speak, draw & write. They were just tools to allow us to express ourselves in a better way.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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