Why you should co-author your first book?

》Co-author : doubles the impact

If you co-author the book then you are not the sole who shall involve in its marketing. Though your publishing firm shall market it but even your efforts count a lot. It will surely double the impact of your novel.

》Two angles of thoughts

It shall be unique combo of two styles of writing. By discussing the novel it could be made more entertaining & touching.

》Less time

One novel could be written in shorter span of time as it would require just half of the efforts from both co-authors.

》Its a long journey

Writing & penning down a novel is not a sprint. Its a long – journey of several months. So, it isn’t be going to be easy to write it. It shall require commitment & discipline which could be achieved if even one of the co-author keeps writing. Other one could edit & add flavours to it (or improve it/suggest something).
And after few days/weeks the roles of the co-authors could be changed. By following above rule the writing novel won’t be a monotonous work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy…☺


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